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Breast Anatomy

Attitudes about women's breasts have always been influenced by fashion trends. In the Twenties, women bound their breasts; in the Forties, more volume was desirable; then, in the Sixties, a less restricted look was popular. Contemporary styles reflect a trend toward fuller, yet natural-looking lines. But regardless of your breast size, all healthy breasts have the same basic anatomy. When you're considering breast reduction, it helps to know your anatomy so you can make informed choices with your surgeon's guidance.

Female Breast Anatomy

Breast tissue is made up of glands that produce milk during pregnancy.

Fat provides protective padding for the milk-producing glands.

The areola is the pigmented tissue that surrounds each nipple.

Chest muscles contract and expand so you can move your arms.

The rib cage houses vital organs like your heart and lungs.

The Inframammary fold is the crease where your chest wall meets your breast.

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